Welcome to Hanseklang

With the power of great stories for young and old we want to point out ecological grievances of our blue planet.
We think this is very important.

Our stories are told with demand and fantasy. Our worlds are colorful, diverse, often surreal or grotesque.Tales are mixed with the reality of our current times.

Our audiobook for children "The little goblin Schnapf" is supposed to be fun and informative.

The Eco-horror audiobook series "Blue Planet" includes new narrators, musicians and sounddesigner with every episode to constantly enrich the project.

The Live-audiobook "Wäldensteyn" is a steampunk satire.

Hanseklang is the home of "Hamburger Küchensessions" A unique view into a singer-songwriter's work. Visually reduced to the essentials, acoustically uncompromised.


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